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WEN 47Club Cross Country Presentation
Map 1Presidents 3km - Lake WendoureeDownload
Map 2Pack Run - Lake EsmondDownload
Map 3Club 5km Championship - Vic ParkDownload
Map 4Vic Park PursuitDownload
Map 5BRAC - S Moneghetti & R Brisbane - Lap of the LakeDownload
Map 6Eureka ChallengeDownload
Map 7McLennan Handicap - 8kmDownload
Map 8Handicappers Handicap (Double by-pass Run)Download
Map 9BRAC - Road Relays (Vic Park)
Map 10BRAC - Charles SuffrenDownload
Map 11Schnyder Handicap - Nugetty Dam Download
Map 12Gunns Flat 10kmDownload
Map 13Kingsley Curtis HandicapDownload
Map 14Pipeline ClassicDownload
Map 15BRAC - Fed Uni RelaysDownload
Map 16Ross Creek 5 MileDownload
Map 17King & Queen of the MountainDownload
Map 18Yarrawee Trail Hitout - Yuille ParkDownload
Map 19BRAC - Wal Brown 8km / 4km (Inc.McLennan Handicap Download
Map 20The Gong Handicap 4/8km Download
Map 21White Swan RelayDownload
Map 22Gudgeon 10km ChampionshipDownload
Map 23Don Briggs 3km - St.George's LakeDownload
Map 24Seery & Assoc Handicap 10kmDownload
Map 25McCaulay Cup - Handicap Lap of the LakeDownload
Map 26Haddon 7.2 / 3.5kmDownload
Map 27Ballarat Harrier's ChallengeDownload
Map 28Bungal Dam IronmanDownload
Map 29Sparrow Park YCWDownload
Map 30Slatey CreekDownload
Map 31Ballarat Harriers 10kmDownload
Map 32Summer Lap of the LakeDownload
Map 33Gudgeon 10km Championship & 5km RaceDownload
Jrn CC 2WAC Jrn CC - North Gardens, Lake WendoureeDownload
Jrn CC 3School Holiday Break
Jrn CC 4Jrn Cross Country PresentationsDownload
Jrn 1Lake Wendouree - Windmill DrDownload
Jrn 40Buninyong Winery
Jrn 41Vic Park (Snr BRAC Road Relays)
Jrn 44Creswick - (Wal Brown)Download
Jrn 45Hammon Park Oval, CreswickDownload
Jnr CC 1WAC Jrn CC - North Gardens, Lake WendoureeDownload
Jnr 0Lake Wendouree. North Garden Res. Snr: AV 5/15kmDownload
Jnr 3Victoria Park, Military DriveDownload
Jnr 4Victoria Park, Sturt Street Download
Jnr 5Lake Wendouree, St Patrick's Pt (Snr Lap of Lake)Download
Jnr 6Eureka Clubrooms Download
Jnr 7Mount Clear Secondary CollegeDownload
Jnr 8Little Bendigo Primary School (Double Bypass)Download
Jnr 10Woady Yaloak Equestrian Centre (Charles Suffren)Download
Jnr 11Nuggety Dam (Schnyder)Download
Jnr 12White Swan. Codes Forest Road. (Snr: Gunns Flat)Download
Jnr 13Deveson Lane, Nerrina (Kingly Curtis)Download
Jnr 14Nuggety Dam, Glen Park (Pipeline)Download
Jnr 15University of Ballarat Download
Jnr 17De Soza Park, BunninyongDownload
Jnr 18Yuille Park, SebastopolDownload
Jnr 19University of Ballarat (snr: Wal Brown)Download
Jnr 20Gong Gong ReservoirDownload
Jnr 21White Swan. Codes Forest Road. (Senior: WS Relays)Download
Jnr 23St.George's Lake (Junior Championship races)Download
Jnr 24Alkera Road, Invermay (Seery)Download
Jnr 25Lake Wendouree (McCauley Cup)Download
Jnr 26Haddon CommonDownload
Jnr 28Bungal DamDownload
Jnr 31Victoria Park, Sturt Street (Ballarat Harriers)Download
Jnr 33Victoria Park Download
EUR 1ANZAC Relays (Eureka)Download
EUR 2Griffith Handicap Download
EUR 3Buninyong Winery 5km
EUR 4Geoff Sewell Handicap Download
EUR 5Katherine Mitchell HandicapDownload
EUR 6Pax Hill Handicap
EUR 7Lindsay Burgoyne Handicap
EUR 8George Eppingstall Handicap
EUR 9Graeme Quick Handicap (3km, 6km)
EUR 10Brown Hill HandicapDownload
EUR 11Johnstone Handicap
EUR 12Intersport HandicapDownload
EUR 41Black Hill Blast
EUR 46Harry Hunter Handicap (2.5km, 5km)
EUR 47Brown Hill PreludeDownload
AV 1AV Jells Park Relay - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 2AV Balnarring Racecourse - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 3AV Flemington Racecourse - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 4AV Lake Wendouree (5km/15km)Download
AV 5AV Brimbank Park - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 6AV Ekiden Relay - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 7AV Bundoora Park - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 8AV Surf Coast Ekiden Relays - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 9AV Burnley Half Marathon - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 10AV Tan Relays - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 11AV Sandown Racecourse - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 12AV Lardner Park - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 13AV Albert Park - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 14AV Princes Park Relays - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 15St.Anne's Winery - Refer to AV Handbook
AV 16All Schools Bundoora
AV 42Wandin Park - Refer AV Handbook
AV 43Cruden Farm - Refer AV Handbook
Aggregate 1Aggregate Results