Club History

The 1960's

The early 1960's saw Wendouree slump into an all time low with the club not fielding an A grade team in track and field competition. A meeting attended by Dick Vurlow, Pat Collier and Bill Hyde discussed about going into recess, but luckily they didn't because not long after Wendouree made a resurgence. On the 12th October 1960 a junior by the name of Graeme Borchers joined the club and became one of Wendouree's greatest ever athletes. Graeme was instrumental in the Club's success in the mid 1960's. The resurgence gained further momentum with the signing of Peter Hunt on the 4th December 1965. He and his father, Alan Hunt, led the club along with astute captain Peter Fyfe to the 1966/67 A grade track championship.

During this period the club produced some excellent junior teams and the 1966/67 team is disputably the best ever. The outstanding juniors being Peter Hunt and Trevor Chisholm both capable of running 50.5 sec. for 440 yards and 2 min. for 880 yards.

The 1960's saw the consolidation of the W.A.C. in both Cross Country and Track and Field. The major key to the clubs success was a hard working club committee and good recruiting.

In addition to Graham Borchers, Peter Hunt and Peter Fyfe the club's competitive fortunes during the sixties was assisted by Tom Harding, the club's first Ballarat Cross Country' Champion, and Paul Burnham who was club champion five times over two miles and four times over five miles, as well as Ernie Christopher and Don Newman in track and field.

The 1965/66 premiership was won by Wendouree athletes who were prepared to have a go, a tradition started with our foundation members attempting events they normally would not do. Importantly in those days before open athletics we lost athletes to the professional circuit. Graeme Borchers left to run the pro circuit in 1967, a big loss to the club. We did have a strong junior contingent which included some athletes who transferred from the disbanded R.S.L. club, which only had a junior team.

The club remained strong although not winning another A grade grand final until 1975/76.