Club History

Ladies Committee

In April 1959, a move was made to form a Ladies Committee with the purpose to raise monies to support the Athletic Club. The original meeting was held at the Trades Hall, with subsequent meetings at members' houses. Money raised was achieved by holding apron parades, performing comic sketches e.g.: Cinderfella, Bathing Belies and in particular organising Euchre parties. This was somewhat enhanced by games of illicit bingo after the card playing was finished. Much to their credit, a sum of 300 pounds was handed over in 1963 for the Committee purchase of an army hut, which was to become the original club rooms of the W.A.A.C.

The ladies continued to raise money from concerts, coffee parties at the G.S.F. Hall and theatre nights at the National, B.L.O.C. and Lyric Theatre Companies, while enjoying a social night out. Credit must go to Faye Luke who for many years dressed a Bride Doll, which was raffled at Christmas time. Also to Lorna Hyde for her contribution of a Santa Suit which was and still is hired out to many a Christmas party.

The founding and subsequent members consisted of Lorna Hyde, Faye Luke, Val O'Brien, Ricky Hughes, Gwen Simpson, Shirley Maloney, Marion Curtis, Hazel Prestwich, Mrs. Speechley, Lois Gudgeon, Theima Tangey, Peg Dean, Margaret Potter, Ina Gamston, Maureen Christopher, Meryl Peoples, Joan Foley, Shirley Benoit, Marge Hammond, Lil Cleary, Val Ffrost, Joan MeLennan, Helen Burzacott, Lydia Rowsell and Christine Govan.

These and others contributed greatly to the well being of the W.A.A.C. before disbanding after more than 25 years of service.