Club History


The current Wendouree Athletic Club uniform is significantly different to that which was first worn by the club's founding members over fifty years ago. The original uniform comprised a white singlet with a red vertical block on both front and back. A white 'W' was centred in the block on the chest. This was worn with white shorts, Later red stripes/piping was added to the shorts and a club logo included on the breast of the singlet. With the exception of the material of the singlets, that has ranged from cotton 'Bonds' type to mesh and nylon, and the style of the shorts, originally football type shorts, the uniform remained essentially unchanged for over thirty years.

The early women's uniform from when the men's and women's club combined in the late 1970's comprised a white vest-style top with a thin red stripe down one side. In time this type of uniform phased out and the club's female members competed in matching uniforms to the men.

The first significant change to the uniform saw the adoption of navy shorts/briefs to complement the existing singlet in 1983 (?) and this became the club's 'look' for the next decade or so. At the time white running shorts were becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and so the change of colour to blue was implemented as much for practical reasons of availability as just updating the look of the uniform. Initially the shorts were intended to have alternate red and white stripes on each side but as they too became unavailable plain navy shorts became the accepted norm.

The most recent changes to the club's competition uniform have been the most significant. After some considerable debate the club singlet of over forty years was significantly altered in 1995. The red block was reduced to a converging centre panel front and back with navy blue introduced either side of the red in the top part of the singlet. The lower part of the singlet is white. The white 'W' was retained on the chest with 'WENDOUREE' arced across the back. This is matched with navy shorts.

Also in recent years a number of accepted variations of the uniform have become available. Bike shorts, men's and women's bodysuits and women's crop-tops adopted to the club's colours have all been worn in varying combinations in competition